About Members

Yukon Artists @ Work is a member-run gallery. It’s governed by an elected volunteer board and juries its members in. YA@W members pay monthly dues and take turns staffing the gallery. Consequently YA@W takes a smaller commission than most commercial galleries, offering a unique business opportunity for Yukon artists.

It’s also a community, and a common enterprise. YA@W is a supportive group of working artists, helping each other learn the commercial side of art, creating opportunities for collaboration and creativity, and providing public outreach.
YA@W also gives the public and artists a chance to interact in person. It’s what visual artist Nicole Bauberger loves about YA@W.

“I had no interest in working retail when I was first asked to join,” she recalls. “But over the years I have come to love working my shifts. Talking to visitors and having them reflect back to me what they see in my art has helped shape my thinking about art itself: what it is, and what it does.”


If you’d like to apply to become a member, click here.