Raised in rural Ontario, Aimee lived in a variety of small Ontario towns and cities before falling in love with the Yukon during a four-month work placement in the winter of 1995. It didn’t take Aimee long to find a way to return to Yukon permanently … she made Whitehorse her home in 1998, and has never looked back.  

Drawn to coloured glass her whole life (no clear glasses live in her cupboards!), it was while working as a librarian in Whitehorse that Aimee first attempted creating with glass in 2007 in an Introductory Fused Glass class with Jeanine Baker. After taking the introductory class three times (because she instantly fell in love with the medium and one intro class just wasn’t enough), she established a home studio and began independently experimenting with fused glass.

Aimee is inspired by the Yukon’s expansive and varied landscapes and colours. Over time, her designs have become subtly more complex as she continually develops her practice. Despite this shift in her designs, Aimee’s work is recognizable thanks to her fondness for vibrant colours and clean lines.