Gabrielle Dupont

Originally from Chateauguay, a quiet suburb south of Montreal, Gabrielle has been living in the Yukon since 2007. Growing up in the early ’90s, she quickly learned an efficient remedy to boredom: drawing. Thanks to Santa, crayons were eventually replaced by brushes and tube of paints.

With no formal education in art, many years of improvising followed, mostly with acrylics and watercolour.

Her love of drawing led her to pursue a career in architecture, where lines and forms follow well-structured paths. Not so on the canvas where the pressure of the straight line is released.

After moving to the Yukon, larger than life landscapes became her muse while still incorporating that sense of structure in her paintings. She spends many weeks every year skiing, canoeing and hiking our amazing lands, absorbing the landscapes. Her medium of choice is acrylic and gouache on canvas.

Painting has proven to be her most comfortable vehicle for rendering her inner vision to outer reality. “After visiting wild places and secret spots, I try to convey what I saw and felt. After all, we are only experiences and perception.”

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