Jeanine Baker

Jeanine Baker has lived at Crag Lake since 1988. She works with glass to create a wide variety of objects or illustrations. Leaded, painted and fused glass is used to create illuminated images. These can be displayed as architectural features, or free hanging panels, shaped into bowls and platters, or even assembled to create window sculpture. Mosaics are made with the beautiful scraps of art glass that are left over.

She is influenced by the vast landscapes of the Yukon, especially the alpine areas. The contrast of the seasons here, along with the incredible light offer inspiration at every turn. There is beauty everywhere. She has also been doing collaborative work with her husband, Paul Baker. They work with shaped metal and glass, creating sculpture and 3 dimensional panels. These can be used as room dividers, security screens on windows or doors, or as decorative wall panels. They incorporate as much found material as they can, which often dictates what will be made. The different qualities of these materials lend itself well to the versatility of design, creating unlimited potential for the imagination to realize.

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