Lauren Waters

A Yukoner since 2007, Lauren has worked and travelled throughout the territory. She now lives at Marsh Lake, south of Whitehorse, with her partner and dog where she paints, grows food and enjoys the outdoors.

Her inspiration comes from wilderness, Yukon’s landscapes, wildlifeand the unique light of the north. Using transparent watercolours to capture the spirit and essence of the natural world, Lauren likes to play with colours, different techniques and styles. 

Lauren studied fine arts at McMaster University and then earned a degree in forestry at the University of British Columbia. She worked throughout BC for many years and later studied fine woodworking design at Selkirk College (BC).  She has created unique furniture and marquetry inspired by nature. After moving to the Yukon, she reignited her passion for painting with watercolors to express her creativity. 




Facebook:  Lauren Waters Art