Marten Berkman

Thanks to my folks, I grew up knowing woods, fields and wetlands, where I discovered this larger community of life that we are a part of. This wonder has shaped my life, and my work, ever since. The outlet for this wonder began in drawing, then painting, printmaking, photography, evolving to current practices in stereo 3D photo, VR, and video installation.

Insights into nature have been in places as ordinary as the freshwater spring on the farm, teeming with life. They have also been found where the elements almost eliminate life except in its most tenacious and robust forms: the Andes, Kalahari, Himalayas, Arctic. And at the other end of the spectrum, I have been inspired where human life gathers and forms its most complex organisations and extremes of the human condition: the heart of our urban culture. How does our creative and industrious nature balance with the rest of nature? I explore this in my art, and like to call this practice “the ecology of perception”.

Home is in the forest upstream from Whitehorse, where our family lives, plays and creates! 🙂                                                

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