Virginia Wilson

Virginia is a landscape painter whose works are highly sought after. Here is how she describes her art. ”I paint real places; places that have stopped me in my tracks and filled me with pleasure. It is hard to explain why a landscape suddenly inspires a painting. Light plays a great part but also composition, season, weather, colour, plants, trees, and water. I strive to combine my feelings of satisfaction and wonder into my paintings without losing the essential beauty and character of the places themselves.

I have always loved landscape and followed this interest through two degrees in geography, the first in England and the second in Canada. Geographical training steered my career path but art was always in the background and for the last twenty years I have been able to focus on developing a new set of artistic skills. But the geography is alive and well in my art and I am happy to achieve the peaceful co existence of these two powerful influences.

My landscapes are almost always in acrylics except when I am out of doors and watercolour is my medium of choice.
I have lived in many attractive places across Canada but non of them equal the spectacular beauty of the Yukon. For the last five years this has been my home and Yukon Artists at Work has been my showcase.”


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