Catherine Jamnicky

Curious and curiouser with clairvoyance. Cat’s first exposure to art was through the architecture, fashion and multiculturalism of Montreal. Her sense of wonder was instilled by her family’s love of exploration and play in nature. The versatility of working in mixed media let’s Cat explore her penchant for fantastical possibilities. She thinks Mother Nature is the greatest artist and likes to use organics in her work. Cat fancies the idea of being a hunter-gatherer. Telescopic studies of objects and whimsical pieces make up the body of her work. Her number one value of orderliness sometimes goes against her creative process and although she does get pleasure from it, she feels that it also brings forth the shadow aspects of her personality. Having had no formal training in the arts, she dreams of enrolling in a visual arts program. In her search for awareness and magic, Cat can be found walking the trails, hiking the mountains and kayaking the waters of Yukon.


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