Nicole Bauberger started off this project for us by leading two workshops featuring a raven, owl, northern berries and snowflakes. Along with painting the plywood cut-outs, participants and Nicole shared stories about the creatures and features they were painting. See below for a few short anecdotes.


“Ravens are amazing creatures. They are resilient, resourceful, intelligent, and full of personality. We should all be more like ravens!” – workshop participant


“I recently saw an owl near Paddy’s Pond (in Whitehorse). I had never seen one there before. I looked at the owl; the owl looked at me. There was this moment, and then the owl flew away on silent wings.” – artist and teacher Nicole Bauberger

“I was always taught that owls are a precautionary sign. When you see an owl you need to take extra care, to make sure something bad doesn’t happen to you. Owls can also be a sign that someone has died or is going to die.” – workshop participant