Rosemary Piper

Rosemary Piper’s landscapes and night-sky paintings embody the constantly shifting energy and spirit of the land in and around her adopted home of Whitehorse, Yukon.
“The light, the colours, everything is fluid, yet I like to think that each new piece absorbs some fleeting essence of my chosen subject.”

Rosemary’s family emigrated from England to Ontario in 1960. In 1976, Rosemary made Whitehorse her home. “I fell in love with the beauty and the harshness of the place. (My first winter here it was -50ºC for a month.) I have seen the land in all its changing splendour, gentleness and ferocity.”

Rosemary rarely goes anywhere without her camera, and using photography as part of her practice enables her to capture some of nature’s many exquisite moments and transform them into paintings. “All of nature is my studio.”

For the past 19 years, Rosemary has worked mainly in watercolour, but also in oil pastel, etching, and acrylic. More recently, she has been exploring mixed media, incorporating found objects and wild things such as mushroom spore, feathers, and pressed vegetation so that they coalesce into a kind of organized chaos. “For this I found it necessary, interesting and fun to adopt new ways of applying paint.”

Experimenting with mixed media has led, in turn, to Rosemary’s current focus on glass mosaic.

Rosemary also beads; her signature being wrap-around bracelets made of a wide variety of items including semi-precious stone, silver, brass, copper, other metals, specialty woods, horn, and more.

Rosemary’s work can be found in many places around the world and in several corporate collections. Recent shows at Yukon Artists @ Work Cooperative Gallery include: New Works 2010; Landscape Gems, 2012; and a joint show, Five Finger Rapids – A Visual Story, 2012. Commissions are always welcome. The works on this website are all originals but prints may also be available. Contact Rosemary for information, prices, or to set up a studio visit.

Contact Rosemary:

Phone     1-867-668-5776