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A new exhibition of paintings and collage by Marie-Hélène Comeau and Virginie Hamel

Yukon Artists @ Work Gallery

Show runs from November 2 – 28, 2020

With Stories, two Yukon artists, Marie-Hélène Comeau and Virginie Hamel are paying an artistic tribute to past and present northern stories.

Virginie Hamel

‘For Stories, I wanted to hear about the lives of the people around us. The journeys they made to get here, funny and weird experiences they had, and the people they have met. Stories pays tribute to the daily life in the North, to the tales of everyday adventures, to the true anecdotes but also mysterious legends that make the Yukon so special. I took on the challenge of translating these little stories into pictures and trying to distill their beauty.’

Virginie Hamel is a visual artist and arts manager living in Whitehorse, Yukon. In recent years she has chosen collage as her creative medium. Using photographs of geographical features in the area where she lives, and textures and images found in old publications, she tries to express the invisible and the folklore of the North. 

Marie-Hélène Comeau
‘For this art exhibition, I wanted to focus on the urban landscape of downtown Whitehorse. More specifically, the outdated houses that have slowly disappeared over recent years, erasing the traces of many stories of those who built, dreamed or lived there. Few of these houses have been traced through Google Maps, which has not updated this area since 2009. Therefore, my work was mainly inspired by the virtual images of those houses that I was able to find through Google Maps.’

Marie-Helene Comeau is a visual artist who has been living in Whitehorse for almost 30 years. She has chosen acrylic painting and lately photography as her main creative media. In recent years she also initiated various community art projects nationally (with Art Collective Tuoraf) and internationally (with Caravanedes dix mots). She has recently completed her PhD in Studies and Practice of Arts at University du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Marie-Hélène has been an active member of Yukon Artists at Work since 2019.