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A new exhibition by Nicole Bauberger
January 8 – 30, 2021
4129 – 4th Avenue in Whitehorse

Open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

What do ravens, monsters and dresses have to say to each other? Come eavesdrop on their conversations at the Yukon Artists @ Work gallery.

It could be said that this exhibit began on Hunter Street in Peterborough, Ontario. When Nicole Bauberger took her “Get There From Here” exhibition of cross-country road paintings back to the Art Gallery of Peterborough in 2019, she met up with her old friend Laurel Paluck. Paluck now directs a gallery called Atelier Ludmila in the downtown core that Bauberger haunted as a young artist before making Whitehorse her home.

The two of them hatched a plan for an exhibition called RavenMonsterDress for October 2020. Bauberger also planned an installation on the same theme to take place around a bonfire on the frozen Yukon River for the 2021 (s)hiver festival in Dawson City. The proposal was accepted. Things seemed to be coming together.

We all know what happened in the spring of 2020. But this body of work had its own momentum, so Bauberger kept making it.

The October 2020 show in Peterborough has been postponed to a hope of October 2021. Bauberger notes, “October is the month for this show. One of the reasons I’m excited to work with Laurel is her longstanding community arts practice. We will make great workshops and other community engagements in connection with this show. So it was worth putting it off until we can do that a bit more easily.”

The outdoor installation is Covid-adaptable. If, heaven forbid, we are in full lockdown, people can still come check it out while walking their dogs. Unfortunately, partly due to caution about travel between communities, the (s)hiver festival has also been postponed. However, Nakai Theatre’s Pivot Festival has picked up the outdoor installation, which will take place on Paddy’s Pond in Hillcrest, with other activities, January 20th to 23rd. Keep an eye out for more details about that event.

The gallery exhibition is taking place in the Rich Claxton solo show room here at YA@W. You can expect to see experiments in glass and ceramic that embrace the accidental. Resilience remains a persistent theme in the work, as Bauberger’s well-known themes of monsters, dresses and ravens play in the awkwardnesses of each other.

There will be a Covid-style opening on January 8th, from 5:00-8:00 PM. Guests who wish to attend can sign up for a 30 minute time slot on Eventbrite. Four masked groups of 6 visitors can attend the opening reception, with 15 minute sanitization breaks between groups.

After January 8th, the gallery will be open 11:00 AM-4:00 PM, Tuesday to Saturday. The Yukon Artists @ Work gallery is located in the blue building at 4th and Wood Street in Whitehorse.

For more information, please call Nicole Bauberger at (867) 668-1577.