Valerie Hodgson

“I am compelled to paint.  It is my visual and emotional response to the everyday world. Color, the
play of light over form and the patterns of shadows all intrigue me. I enjoy finding and painting these
elements in many subjects from still life to the figure.  The Yukon landscape is one of my favorite
I am not interested in merely copying what I see, instead, I use paint to interpret and express. I love
to capture things in a simple, painterly manner, balancing the reality of what I see with my personal
Painting is a wonderful challenge that is always fascinating and deeply fulfilling.”
Valerie has made the Yukon her home for more than 40 years.  Although she spent several years
working in fibre and in watercolour, she now paints  exclusively in oils.  Valerie has several pieces
in the Yukon Permanent Collection and pieces in the NorthWesTel Collection and the City of
Whitehorse.  She has had solo shows in Whitehorse as well as Mexico.

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