Erin’s paintings are her interpretations of Yukon landscapes and places. She is mainly self-taught and works in acrylic, watercolour and oil paints. Her family moved to Whitehorse in 1982 when she was six years old, and as a child, she spent lots of time outside camping and road tripping around the Yukon. She grew to love nature and the vast, untouched wilderness.

Erin’s childhood was filled with cartoons, comics and colouring books, so when you look at her paintings you’ll find yourself in a child’s daydream. Over the years, she has developed her distinctive style to articulate and share her memories of growing up in the Yukon. By using a contemporary, candy coloured palette, she defines the wildness of the Yukon landscape.

Erin’s paintings consist of various lakes and mountain ranges around the Yukon, some with roads running through them. Adding a human element to the narrative of my body of work is a new development that she is excited to explore further. Erin is also in the process of investigating the translation of her work into even larger, mural sized pieces.