“In my practice I employ a variety of expressive forms often using unorthodox materials, forcing me to adopt non-traditional techniques. I find this results in a more open-ended process, sending me on a journey of inquiry and exploration; to learn, to change, to be surprised, to be moved, and to feel something. This is a way for me to overcome the numbing effects of the depressive state of our world, and the apathy it produces.”

Leslie Leong is a multi-disciplinary visual artist living and working in Whitehorse, Yukon. After 25 years in the North, she is deeply affected by northern culture, society and environment, and the relationships between them.

 Her practice began with photography. The mixed media exhibition, Blood-letting: a rite of purification, launched her practice into new media. Her work has become interdisciplinary, with an emphasis on 3-dimensional work, often involving a functional aspect. Non-traditional materials and techniques are common in her work.

She has exhibited internationally with over 18 solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions and has taught in the Northwest Territories and Yukon. Her work is represented in collections across Canada and internationally.

Contact Leslie:

Email: leslie@leslieleong.com

Website: leslieleong.com