Nicole Bauberger

“The horizon drew me to the Yukon. I can almost hear the conversation going on between these dynamic skies and strong wide mountains.”

Starting in 2001, I painted summers in the Yukon. I’ve lived here since 2003 in a house made of steel.

From ’79 to ‘01 I lived in Peterborough, Ontario. Although I took a couple of valuable courses at the Ontario College of Art, I chose my Peterborough collaborations as my art college.

For five years I worked as apprentice and assistant painter to David Bierk. This was an intensive education in oil paint, methods and materials, as well as art history and contemporary art practice and art business. Late at night in the BierkArt Studio I began my first experiments with en caustic and painted my first dress painting.

I left BierkArt in the spring of 1999 and have been a self-employed artist ever since, touring four different public gallery shows across Canada during that time, as well as showing extensively in commercial galleries and at festivals.

I belong to the Yukon now. I’m deeply involved in my art community here, and write and think about art and culture in the North as well as taking part in creating it. It seems important to me to foster a way of talking and thinking about art that’s from here.

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