About Our Gallery

Yukon Artists @ Work Cooperative Gallery had humble beginnings. In 2003, Linda Glass and Philomena Carroll approached Harreson Tanner with the idea of an artist-run gallery.

“We worked out the concept of artists taking control of their own careers by creating their own venue to promote their art. We wanted to create a supportive community to develop both local and out-of territory markets for artists.” -Harreson Tanner

The gallery began with a dozen members in a trailer on the edge of town. Over the years, members have come and gone. The gallery itself has passed through a variety of homes. Today, we are in the funky blue house on 4th Avenue, close to Main Street.

Yukon Artists @ Work has delighted visitors in all of its incarnations. Governor General Michaelle Jean visited us in 2007. Olympics CEO John Furlong visited in 2010. Yukon Artists @ Work is now more than a decade-old institution.