Artist in the Window

Schedule for January 2022

Jan. 4-7: Nicole Bauberger will be working on a small-run, hand printed book of poetry.

Jan. 11-12: Janet Patterson will be working on a couple of assemblage pieces, one of which involves creating an Omicron action figure!

Jan. 13-14, and Jan. 19-22: Donald Watt will be creating in clay.

Jan. 26-27: Marie-Helene Comeau will be working with her paints.

With Covid-19 stopping regular business in its tracks starting in the spring of 2020, we wanted a way to continue being involved with the community. Although the gallery was closed, our members began demonstrating their artistic practice in our front gallery windows, where they could be seen by members of the public. Although we are open again for business, we have chosen to continue with the Artist in the Window program so that family, friends, and visitors are able to come engage with us as we work.

Almost every week a different artist member of Yukon Artists at Work demonstrates their artistic practice in our front gallery window. There are also displays of their work up for you to enjoy. Whether you feel comfortable inside or outside, we’re happy to have you!

In addition to the art in the window, a number of our members gave artist talks during the summer of 2020. You can watch them below.

Artist Talks:

This wouldn’t have been possible without funding from Arts Fund and Music Yukon, for whom we are incredibly grateful.