Our final week ended with a flourish…a wintery log cabin scene (led by Leslie Leong), a fanciful forest (Jeanine Baker), and Part 2 of a starscape (Neil Graham).


“Quite a few years ago when our kids were little, our neighbours kindly let us use their cabin at Tagish for a weekend. It was filled with lots of sun, swimming, and games and crafts in the cabin. I remember watching my boys (5 & 7) on the beach as they skipped a few rocks and chatted to each other. I was up on the bank unobserved, and every once in a while I tossed a rock into the water. It caught their attention and they excitedly exclaimed, “Did you see that?! It was a fish! Oh, there’s another!” I happily joined them as they regaled the fish they saw leaping from the water.” – Whitehorse workshop participant